Wellbeing Notebook

Wellbeing Notebook


A common misconception is that wellbeing is just about physical health and avoiding mental illness. This notebook shows that there’s much more to wellbeing and more we can do to support it, with far reaching possibilities in the workplace and beyond. In a world that is increasingly complex and uncertain, our notebooks empower people to be able to face life’s challenges positively.

The notebook has fun and thought-provoking reflective points and activities throughout, themed by 5 pillars of wellbeing in the PERMA model¹. By bringing our conscious awareness to these key elements we are prompted to consider how our work and wellbeing connect and identify opportunities to increase our general wellbeing and resilience in and out of work.

The notebook helps us reflect on how we can take action to maintain and improve our wellbeing on a daily basis and provides further tools and ideas to positive impact wellbeing. It’s also an excellent resource for Managers with helpful prompts they can use in huddles and team meetings to keep individual and team wellbeing front of mind.

¹Seligman, Martin (2011)

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