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We provide simple and practical tools to support learning, many of which are available here for self-facilitation.

Although we focus on creating engaging face-to-face experiences, we know that it’s sometimes helpful to have tools in-house to help embed and sustain learning – or to use when internal capacity is high or budgets are low.

Easy for anyone to facilitate, our tools are all based in Positive Psychology theory and designed as platforms for individuals to take accountability for growth in their role, team and organisation. Each is designed to help people be their best selves as often as they can, offering rich learning to build new positive habits and behaviour. They are suitable for everyone, at every level, in every organisation, market or industry.

We know that there are lots of different ways to learn, so our range involves activities to do both on our own – through thinking and reflecting – and as a team – through talking and learning through each other.

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Strengths tools

These help us explore the things that we really enjoy and excel at. By understanding and using our strengths, we not only work more efficiently and effectively, but are more engaged and achieve more.

Strengths tools

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Performance Motivation tools

These support us to positively motivate performance by focusing on six key areas, proven most important to people at work – Respect, Clarity, Strengths, Praise, Growth and Empowerment.

Performance motivation tools

We use simple, practical tools

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Wellbeing tools

Stress and mental ill-health are issues for many organisations. These tools open thinking and conversations around individual and team wellbeing, and empower us to take responsibility for our own health and happiness.

Wellbeing tools

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