Strengths Notebook

Strengths Notebook


People who use their strengths every day are 6X more likely to feel engaged at work, 8% more productive, 15% less likely to leave and 3X more likely to have excellent quality of life¹. This notebook helps us reflect on how we and our colleagues apply our strengths day-to-day, and the positive impact this has on our work and relationships.

The questions and prompts throughout are designed to take us through the four stages of the emotional intelligence model, developing greater self-awareness and awareness of others so we are better able to manage ourselves and our relationships. The notebook supports this journey of learning and helps each person define strengths for themselves in a way that is fun and easy.

It’s packed with interactive activities, reflective questions and practical tasks, designed to keep strengths front of mind. The format helps incorporate learning naturally into daily activities and provides further tools and ideas for improving awareness around our strengths and opportunities to use them more.

It’s also an excellent resource for Managers with helpful prompts they can use in huddles and team meetings to initiate great strengths-focused conversations.

¹Flade, Apslund & Elliot, 2015



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