Let’s Talk Strengths Cards

Let’s Talk Strengths Cards


People who use their strengths every day are 6X more likely to feel engaged at work, 8% more productive, 15% less likely to leave and 3X more likely to have excellent quality of life¹.

Did you know that strengths aren’t just the things we’re good at?

Strengths are abilities that we have that are authentic, energising & easy for us to use. Science has shown that people who play to their strengths more often at work have increased performance and wellbeing.

‘Let’s Talk Strengths’ cards are easy-to-use for having conversations about our strengths and how to apply them more skilfully in our daily lives. These cards offer quick activities, action points or questions that can be used in a wide range of conversation activities and events such as meetings, 121’s, huddles or lunch’n’learns.

A great tool for managers, coaches, and L&D professionals.

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