Strengths Conversation Mat

Strengths Conversation Mat


A common misconception is that people who use their strengths every day are 6X more likely to feel engaged at work, 8% more productive, 15% less likely to leave and 3X more likely to have excellent quality of life¹.

Lots of organisations are adopting or using a strengths-based approach in areas across the employee lifecycle such as recruitment or performance. We know the real value of this goes beyond individuals knowing what their strengths are to actually apply this into work every day. The application has greatest effect when teams can support each other to do this effectively with regular, specific feedback.

This tool is designed to bridge the learning into application for teams and focuses the group in directed conversations that develop clear and transparent connections for performance. The is a self-facilitating team discussion tool designed to be used by groups of up to 12 people to open conversations around their strengths, (multiple mats can be used in order to cover larger teams, groups or whole organisations). It takes around two hours to complete and is a perfect lunchtime activity or form part of an away day with teams. It can be done in any space and only needs a table, pens and participants!

When purchasing the Let’s Talk Strengths Conversation Mat you will also receive a User Guide and FAQs, giving more information about the background and research behind the mat. These also offer information on how to prepare and deliver a session, the impact you should expect to see, and how to use the mat most effectively with teams.

Good for?

New teams: Get to know each other well and in ways that will rapidly onboard people and reduce the time it takes to perform.

Collaboration: Getting teams to effectively and efficiently work together.

Respect/ Diversity & Inclusion: Helping teams establish a positive foundation for respecting each other’s unique and individual contribution.

Performance Management/Motivation: Create foundations of respect and transparency for regular team feedback and performance motivation.

Self-Managing Teams: Supporting teams to take more ownership and accountability for their performance.

¹Flade, Apslund & Elliot, 2015

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