strengths-based leadership programme

strengths-based leadership programme

Are your leaders struggling to lead themselves, others or the organisation positively and with impact?

Our strengths are the unique things we as individuals, teams and organisations excel at and enjoy. Strengths form the backbone of our leadership development programmes, enabling leaders to unlock potential in themselves and their teams, and achieve results.

Our programmes build understanding and skills in three core areas, including leading self, leading others and leading the organisation, and offer a range of ‘pick and mix’ modules* designed to meet different organisational needs and L&D budgets:

  1. Leading authentically: Developing an understanding of our own and other’s strengths, and what these mean for us as people managers and organisational leaders.
  2. Achieving goals: Understanding how our mindsets impact our ability to succeed, and how to be more successful in reaching our goals.
  3. Motivating performance: Exploring the six foundations for high performance and how to support and engage people through coaching.
  4. Managing underperformance: Learning how to positively frame ‘difficult’ conversations, diagnose causes of underperformance and build confidence in choosing the right coaching approach.
  5. Creating engaging visions: Developing skills in storytelling around vision and strategy, making these meaningful and aligning them with individual and organisational values.
  6. Building successful teams: Learning how to connect with colleagues, and harness the benefits of positive workplace relationships.
  7. Influencing others: Practising skills in influencing stakeholders around vision and strategy, using personal strengths and leadership styles.
  8. Developing the strategy: Working together to define and solve a shared business challenge, using action-focused questions to co-create innovative solutions and plans.


We also have a range of embedding tools including conversation mats and notebooks (strengths and performance motivation) to keep learning front of mind and encourage collaboration.

*Each module is half a day but can be extended to full days depending on client needs and outcomes looking to achieve.

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