leading self and leading others workshops

leading self and leading others workshops

We offer a range of workshops that can be held both in-person and through online learning. All are designed to be interactive, fun and directly relevant to the workplace.

Leading self
Half day

This workshop helps all people explore who they are at their best, and how they can enjoy and excel in their work more often.

Activities include:

  • Knowledge-building around what strengths are
  • Skills-development in articulating our own strengths and spotting strengths in others
  • Understanding of how we can use our strengths for high performance, collaborate with others and get around our weaknesses

Leading others
Half day

This session is designed for managers, and develops skills in motivating others and applying a strengths focus to performance conversations.

Activities include:

  • Knowledge-building around the benefits of a strengths approach for teams and organisations
  • Skills-development in coaching for high performance
  • Practice in applying a strengths approach to different people opportunities and challenges, e.g. goal-setting and underperformance

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