Performance Motivation Conversation Mat

Performance Motivation Conversation Mat


Organisations/HR can tell managers to have performance motivation conversations more regularly and tell employees to take accountability for setting them up, but people won’t necessarily want to have them unless we change the tone upfront.

We believe that it is time to evolve the way we have performance conversations, so that the underlying purpose of the conversation is to help the individual flourish and thrive in their role and beyond. This is not a ‘soft approach’ but aims to increase the time people spend in peak performance and help them work around issues that cause underperformance.

Our Let’s Talk Performance Motivation Mat helps to open conversations around the 6 foundations¹ of positive performance. Easy to self-facilitate, each mat can be used by groups of up to 12 and multiple mats can be used in order to cover larger teams, groups or whole organisations. It takes around two hours to complete and is a perfect lunchtime activity or form part of an away day with teams. It can be done in any space and only needs a table, pens and participants! It helps teams/leaders tackle often difficult subjects in a non-judgemental way that engages the whole group and provides a ‘pulse-check’ diagnosis of engagement and detailed data to inform organisational development strategies.

When purchasing the Performance Motivation Conversation Mat you will also receive a User Guide and FAQs, giving more information about the background and research behind the Dialogue Mat. These also offer information on how to prepare and deliver a session, the impact you should expect to see, and how to use the mat most effectively with teams.

Good for?

Performance Management/Motivation: Create foundations of respect and transparency for regular team feedback and performance motivation.

Better Understanding: For managers and organisations to understand how to best motivate performance in individuals and teams.

Increased Performance: By having clarity over how to best motivate ourselves, we are able to spend more time in peak performance.

Increased Accountability: People experience increases in emotional intelligence that results in more accountability for their own performance.

More regular performance conversations: Once the tone has changed and people are directed on how to have more effective conversations, the regularity increases.

¹Informed by research by the Corporate Leadership Council and Gallup

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