Wellbeing Conversation Mat

Wellbeing Conversation Mat


Wellbeing is talked about in organisations a lot, but there is often little on offer beyond physical health programmes and support for those with mental illness. Based on the latest research into wellbeing, this mat helps us explore the five pillars of the ‘PERMA’ wellbeing model¹, building teams that are more aware of their own and others’ wellbeing, and what can affect it.

This team discussion tool focuses on building wellbeing at work. Teams use the tool to explore the PERMA model of wellbeing focusing on what helps us thrive and flourish at work. It gives an immediate pulse check diagnosis of the five pillars to support further action. These are the ideal tools for small and large-scale team days, providing a simple and fun platform for engaging with individuals and teams. Easy to self-facilitate, each mat can be used by groups of up to 12 and multiple mats can be used in order to cover larger teams, groups or whole organisations. Each mat provides frame-worked discussion topics, encouraging each person to contribute, tackling difficult subjects in a non-judgemental way and empowering people to take action.

Purchasing the Let’s Talk Wellbeing Conversation Mat you will also receive a User Guide and FAQ’s, designed to give more information about the background and research behind the Dialogue Mat, how to prepare and deliver a session, the impact you should expect to see, and how to use it effectively within a team/organisation.

Good for?

Increase in Emotional Intelligence: People increase their self and other awareness, allowing them to better connect to themselves and others.

Increased Accountability: Identifying that positive wellbeing is something that everyone can manage themselves naturally increases accountability.

Uniting People: The mat creates a united feel amongst participants, this is a result of the shared self-discovery.

Improved psychological wellbeing: There is an immediate rise in positive wellbeing and this can be sustained through application of the core components of PERMA.

Pulse-check diagnosis: Offering a true pulse-check of how people feel, as well what key areas of focus on for teams or the organisation.

¹Seligman, Martin (2011).

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