performance motivation programme

performance motivation programme

Is your organisation managing performance or motivating it?

Traditional performance management focuses on developing our areas of weakness, which can actually decrease performance. Our programmes help organisations focus on strengths, changing the tone of performance management to positive conversations that people want to have.

Our performance motivation programme is built around 3 simple activity strands:

Talk about it – using a conversation mat tool to guide team discussions around the 6 foundations of positive performance.

Give people skills – through a series of interactive and practical workshops*

  1. Building on our strengths: Identifying ways we can use our strengths more often and more skilfully to craft a life we love.
  2. Being our best: Exploring overplayed strengths and weaknesses, the differences between them and how we can work around them.
  3. Making our goals meaningful: Creating inspiring goals that reflect our strengths and values. This workshop explores how we can set motivational goals.
  4. Growing our careers: Evolving our thinking and conversations around our learning, growth and career progression. Here we consider alternatives to climbing the traditional career ladder.
  5. Collaborating effectively: Understanding how to work together better to leverage everyone’s strengths and work more productively as a team.
  6. Inspiring our clients: Learning how to use our strengths to be more creative and productive for our internal and external clients.


Make it everyday – using a notebook tool to extend and embed learning.

* Workshops can be run in-person as lunch N’ learns or half days, or 45 minute online workshops for geographically-diverse teams of up to 500 people. We also offer our workshops in train-the-trainer format for internal roll-out.

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