What we do

What we do

Help people build better organisations

Our work spans the whole employee lifecycle, from attracting and recruiting the right people into the right roles to motivating high performance and wellbeing. We empower and liberate CEOs, Senior Leaders, People Managers and HR Teams to build successful and positive organisations.

Based in the science of Positive Psychology, our work increases self-awareness and confidence, encouraging people to be their genuine ‘best selves’. This approach feels human, respectful and enjoyable, so learning is adopted quickly and easily. We empower people to feel involved, engaged and committed, both to their own development and to ‘what comes next’ for their workplace.

You can find out more about our areas of focus below. You won’t find lots of detail because everything that we do is bespoke, but you’ll get a taste of the kind of things we do. It’s also worth noting that our programmes are tailored to meet specific organisational needs and often include elements from each section, spread over several stages to embed learning and ensure the content is always relevant.

What are strengths?

Strengths are not just the things we do well, but the things that we also enjoy. People whose role is aligned with their strengths not only work more efficiently and effectively, but are more engaged and achieve more.


We provide platforms to build positive wellbeing for people to flourish and thrive in work and beyond

Stress and mental ill-health are two of the leading causes of long-term workplace absence in the UK. Current approaches often target these symptoms of bigger issues, with the organisation taking a parental approach, for example offering different rewards and benefits, developing awareness of an EAP, offering gym memberships etc. Yet we can see this will not target the cause overall. It is time to take a more strategic approach to building resilience in our people through their own and others’ learning and growth to achieve true wellbeing and help people to thrive and flourish at work.

Our specific wellbeing solutions help:

  • Explore and share a common understanding of the concept of wellbeing in the workplace beyond existing employee engagement initiatives using recent research from positive psychology
  • Diagnose the current levels of wellbeing using a simple pulse check of the PERMA model to ensure that you can build a strategy and plans which will be focused and targeted to have maximum impact
  • Empower people to take personal responsibility for their own wellbeing and personal leadership
  • With immediate access to learning and tools which are simple, globally scalable, self-facilitating and blend into existing approaches

Our solutions include consultancy, programme design, facilitation of workshops in person or online through to train the trainer options and self-facilitating tools. Have a look at the type of workshops we offer here.

We regularly share our experience at wellbeing conferences and seminars. Check us out at a recent CIPD event here.

For more information please reach to our B&F consultant Grace on 01273 830 843 or email gw@baileyandfrench.com. She’d love to help!

Helping people build better organisations

Strengths Based Leadership

We help develop authentic leaders who motivate great performance

Successful organisations need leaders who are confident and equipped to help those around them perform well and thrive. Many leadership development programmes offer skills training, concepts and theories, but don’t meaningfully enhance the quality of leadership within organisations. Hence, issues around leadership can be so long lasting that they become engrained in the organisation’s culture. Programmes can be time-consuming and complex to design and organise alongside other initiatives. This means HR, L&D and People teams can find themselves stretched too thin and can feel frustrated at the limited return on investment that leadership development interventions seem to have.

Our Strengths Based Leadership approach offers:

  • A positive focus that helps leaders feel free to be themselves and know how to tune in to the best of the people around them, rather than trying to fix what’s wrong
  • Flexible, easy-to-implement interventions which align with existing approaches and blend with other initiatives so it feels connecting and supportive
  • Easy-to-use self-facilitating tools which empower leaders to focus with clarity on what will most improve performance
  • Train the Trainer, online workshops and self-facilitating solutions that are scalable for teams spread out geographically or globally to maximise reach and budget

Our solutions work in all markets and industries with easy ‘pick and mix’ modules to suit all L&D budgets and organisational needs. Have a look at the type of workshops we offer here.

We help you develop leaders to be proud of. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out a client case story here.

For more information please reach out to our B&F consultant Joshua on 01273 830 833 or email joshua@baileyandfrench.com. He’d love to talk more about what we do.



Performance motivation

We drive positive performance conversations that people want to have

Traditional performance management focuses on developing our areas of weakness, which can actually decrease performance. It is usually a negative experience for individuals, so managers avoid it, and HR/People teams get bogged down in policing a process. Improvements to performance management processes typically focus on more frequent conversations, and more ownership by the individual, but this alone doesn’t work.

Our specific performance motivation approach helps you:

  • Focus on strengths and change the tone so that there are positive conversations around performance that people want to have
  • Open up honest team conversations that support what’s most important for people to collaborate effectively
  • Develop strengths discovery and spotting techniques with all your people, through interactive online or face-to-face workshops, or through ‘train the trainer’ solutions that empower your people team for maximum reach
  • Apply Strengths Coaching and Strengths based Leadership in learning solutions across key areas of the employee lifecycle including: goal setting, being our best at work, preventing underperformance, career growth, and building relationships

Our Performance Motivation solutions work in all market sectors and all types of organisation. They can be incorporated into organisations with different existing performance approaches, and be tailored to suit all types of budget. Have a look at the type of workshops we offer here.

We work with you to create a great performance culture. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out a client case story here.

For more information please reach out our B&F consultant Jackie on 01273 830 845 or email jt@baileyandfrench.com. She’d love to tell you more!






We find the right people for the right roles

We use a strengths-based approach to look beyond competencies and understand not only whether candidates can do a role, but how they will perform and what will motivate them.

We work across all industries, markets and countries. What differentiates us is that we go beyond simply looking for skills to find people who will really flourish in a role.

I need a change, show me the roles Our clients, see who we work with



We support people to be their best.

Our one-to-one and group strengths coaching helps individuals and teams to understand themselves better and feel empowered to grow in directions that feel really authentic.

We coach Leaders and Managers, often as part of broader development programmes, and also provide sessions for individuals who are looking to make changes in their working lives.

For more information contact us on 01273 830 830 or email info@baileyandfrench.com.


We provide simple and practical tools to support learning, many of which are available here for self-facilitation.

Although we focus on creating engaging face-to-face experiences, we know that it’s sometimes helpful to have tools in-house to help embed and sustain learning – or to use when internal capacity is high or budgets are low. Easy for anyone to facilitate, our tools are all based in Positive Psychology theory and designed as platforms for individuals to take accountability for growth in their role, team and organisation.

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