Do you want to grow your micro-action mindset? Sign up for 5-days of free micro-actions now!


Do you want to grow your micro-action mindset? Sign up for 5-days of free micro-actions now!

Are you missing the micro-action mindset?

Sign up for 5-days of free micro-actions

Read on to discover how to achieve the micro-action mindset. And how it can help.

We set ourselves goals and within a short space of time we’ve forgotten or failed them. Why does this happen? Most of the time we’ve tried to achieve too much, too quickly. Science has shown that a simple solution is to break down milestone targets into small ‘keystone’ or ‘micro-actions’ (Duhigg, 2012).

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What does the research say?

By making one small change a day, we are 11 times more likely to succeed. Regularly completing micro-actions help to refine our abilities and generate momentum which lead us to those breakthrough moments (Markman, 2017).

If you find that you’re stuck in short-term firefighting mode and it’s making it difficult for you to prioritise responsibilities and focus attention on specific tasks, then taking a micro-action approach will provide that solution you’ve been looking for.

How does it work? It’s simple… by reducing our goals into more manageable chunks, we will no longer feel compelled to ignore the source of the problem (as we all do, due to its sheer size). Rather than falling to the bottom of the pile, the cause can be confronted little-by-little. Suddenly, even the most challenging task appears simpler. We become more motivated, able and driven to tackle it.


How can Bailey & French help?

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Our 5 daily samples provide a taster of our popular Performance Motivation notebook, which is packed with micro-actions in the form of fun interactive activities, reflective questions and practical tasks. It’s also an excellent resource for People Managers with helpful prompts they can use in huddles, 121s and team meetings to initiate great performance conversations and inspire everyday action.

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