Latest roles

Latest roles

We find the right people for the right roles.

Through our dedicated strengths-based service, we provide external recruitment to a broad range of markets and technical specialisms including Legal, HR, Compliance, Risk Management, Cyber Security, Quantitative Analytics, Data Science, Strategy and Sales.

When we take on a new role with a client, we don’t just look at the skills and experience required – we explore the tasks involved, and the culture of the team and organisation, in order to understand who would really succeed in the role.

When we speak with candidates, we’re not just box-ticking for a range of competencies. We look beyond these to understand not only whether someone can do a role, but how well they will perform and what will enable them to flourish.

Strengths-based recruitment helps to uncover what’s really important to ensure a much more authentic ‘fit’. It helps candidates in choosing between multiple offers in a competitive market and validates gut feel for recruiters seeking that special ‘something’. It results in a shorter time to performance, higher performance overall, and greater retention.

We also work with organisations to design, develop and launch internal strengths-based approaches to recruitment, from attraction through to induction and talent movement.

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