Teaming Conversation Mat

Teaming Conversation Mat


Teaming means coming together as a team and working towards a common goal. Effective teaming strengthens relationships and supports our performance and wellbeing.

The CS Teaming mat is a conversation tool, designed to focus on having meaningful conversations and building relationships in a team, while acknowledging the context and situation in which teams are operating.

The tool supports teams by focusing on the individuals and what they bring to the team (ME), exploring how they can support each other (US), how they work with other teams (OTHERS), respond to the challenges they are facing (CONTEXT). It is underpinned by the PERMA model of wellbeing and by fostering respect, authenticity, belonging and voice – cornerstones of Civil Service D&I strategy.

What are the benefits

– It is a fully scalable activity for any event you are planning with your team

– It is designed to be self-facilitating, so is easy for any team to pick up

– It helps teams tackle often difficult subjects with groups in a non-judgemental way that engages the whole group

– It increases accountability for making a difference to the work environment, rather than expecting others to take responsibilit

– It fits into people-focused work to improve performance, engagement and wellbeing in the workplace, and also aligns to most existing models

Disclaimer: These are CS teaming products co designed with the CS Leadership Academy and are only available to Civil Service. These are not available to purchase for anyone other than Civil Service.

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