Teaming Cards

Teaming Cards


Civil Service Teaming Cards are a full flexible discussion tool that can be used in a variety of different scenarios to empower people to have positive conversations about teaming. Teaming means coming together as a team and working toward a common goal. Effective teaming strengthens relationships and supports our performance/wellbeing.

Civil Service Teaming is a model created and designed specifically for the Civil Service. It focuses on Me, Us and Others while recognising the importance of Leadership and the Context we are in.

Our Civil Service Teaming cards give quick activities, actions points or questions that can be used in a wide range of conversation activities and events such as team meetings, groups, one-to-ones or in pairs and can also be used individually.

Each card has one discussion question to use in teams, pairs and individually. The cards are themed on 5 themes that impact teams: Me, Us, Others, Leadership and Context (p.s. we’re all leaders).

Civil Service Teaming embeds the Civil Service inclusion model of belonging, authenticity and voice, PERMA and the mat elements of Wellbeing Confident Leaders.

Disclaimer: These are CS teaming products co designed with the CS Leadership Academy and are only available to Civil Service. These are not available to purchase for anyone other than Civil Service.

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