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Got a Wellbeing Week coming up? Don’t know where to start or what activities to offer? Have you got a limited budget?

Wellbeing is front of mind for many organisations, frequently starting with a Wellbeing Week to engage people and build awareness. However, coming up the activities and promotional events that are both impactful and cost effective can be difficult.

At Bailey & French we have a range of tools and workshops to support all needs and budgets, from simple take-away Wellbeing Notebooks to ‘drop-in’ sessions designed around the PERMA+R model of wellbeing. One easy and cost effective approach is to offer our Wellbeing Conversation Mats  and/or Notebooks.

Wellbeing Conversation Mats
• Simple, self-facilitating A1-sized table Conversation Mat designed to be used by groups of up to 12 people
• Provides a simple and safe platform for engaging teams and groups around the key foundations that impact wellbeing
• Opens with, ‘What is wellbeing?’ and moves through each of the PERMA+R foundations in turn
• Can be done in any space – only needs a table, pens and participants

Wellbeing Notebook
• Notebooks can be ‘gifted’ during Wellbeing events or workshops
• Fun and insightful, with reflection prompts on each page so learning becomes part of every day
• Packed with interactive activities, reflection questions and practical tasks, designed to keep wellbeing front of mind
• Encourages individuals and teams to take regular action for their own wellbeing

To purchase the Wellbeing Conversation Mats and Notebooks directly via our online shop click here.

We also offer a range of speaking events, facilitated sessions, and workshops which can be stand-alone or run as a series of 45min drop-ins throughout the day. For more information click here.

Our products and workshops approach wellbeing in a proactive way, giving people the skills and techniques so they are better equipped to handle all of life’s challenges. Based on the PERMA+R model of wellbeing, we empower people to be their best selves and thrive every day.

For more information on how we can support wellbeing more broadly email us at or call +44 1273 830 830.

Photo of Got a Wellbeing Week coming up?

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