Setting goals for the upcoming year- January 2018 Newsletter


Setting goals for the upcoming year- January 2018 Newsletter

January 2018 is the perfect time to set meaningful and motivational goals, for yourself and for your team as we know motivation drops in every 24hrs let alone over holidays. Setting goals and taking consistent micro actions will result in successful macro-change. Our second newsletter of the month explores the benefits of goal setting and how best to approach it.

Whilst a positive, linear relationship has been identified between stimulating goals and workplace performance, goals are personal and goal setting should not be used as a one-size-fits-all action for motivation. If you’re interested in learning more about the important relationship between setting goals and task performance and positive effects on wellbeing, read this evidence based research from the CIPD.

Many People Managers have adopted a relaxed, more conversational approach towards performance and have mistakenly done the same for goal setting. However, this does not provide individuals with the intrinsic motivation they need to perform to their absolute best. This often leaves people feeling disconnected and makes it much harder for them to flourish at work. It also makes it harder to ensure that all team members are successfully taking accountability for their performance.

Therefore, it is crucial that we all dedicate time to set energising goals and start the year feeling committed, valued and positive! Let’s help our already stressed-out managers with a workshop that can get everyone through goal setting rapidly in January, when it matters the most:

• Easy, short and focused 45-minute workshops
• Online for up to 200 people at once or face to face for smaller groups or TTT options
• Available at flexible times to cover all time zones
• Goals aligned with your role outcome and strengths to ensure they are meaningful and motivational
• Increasing everyone’s accountability for setting goals themselves rather than all on managers shoulders

“If you walk by any person’s desk and ask them about their goals, they now have a clear one sentence outcome (purpose) they can share with you, which aligns to our vision – this has been 100% successful in reach.” (Micheal, Director of Operations at ABN AMRO)

Call us now on 01273 830830 for workshop availability and costs, or email Eleanor at

View details about our further performance workshops and read our article on goal setting for some useful tips.

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